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RUSH Timeless Wavelength

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OUT NOW! - (Not available in the USA)

Limited edition Super High quality - Audiophile release (DOUBLE 140g vinyl LP - mastered at Abbey Road Studios by the legendary Miles Showell).

Timeless Wavelength is an ultra high quality vinyl-only 1980 double live set from one of the biggest rock groups in history, recorded live at Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri, USA, February 12, 1980.

Wait, havenet I seen this one before?  No.... No you havent.

Timeless Wavelength was mastered in super high quality by the master of mastering Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios – The Grammy award nominated sonic wizard who is responsible for breathing new life into albums by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen and many more.  This new live album features Canada’s biggest rock export, RUSH - with millions of sales of their nineteen studio albums, recorded between 1974 and the present day. 

Formed in Toronto at the end of the 1960s, it was their second album Fly By Night which saw drummer Neil Peart join forces with singer / bass player Geddy Lee and guitar gunslinger Alex Lifeson on the path to rock stardom.  In 1976 Rush released their fourth album 2112, it’s this sci-fi concept piece that opened up the concert and beautify kicks side one into action.  Coming next is the epic, By Tor And The Snow Dog, a song divided into 4 chapters: I) At the Tobes of Hades, II) Across the Styx, III) Of the Battle, IV) Epilogue. Chapter 3 (Of the Battle) is divided into 4 chapters in and of itself: i) Challenge and Defiance, ii) 7/4 War Furor, iii) Aftermath, iv) Hymn of Triumph. 


Side two is home to their chart topping 1980's smash, The Spirit Of Radio from the album Permanent Waves (it was in the wake of that release that this show was recorded). 


The fab “Working Man” graces side three which is (according to Donna Halper, then a disc jockey and music director at WMMS in Cleveland, Ohio) is the song that got Rush their record deal, gave them their break and launched them to the stars. 


Side four opens with (the entirely penned by Geddy Lee song) In The Mood.  The album closes with the encore, the explosive instrumental that is La Villa Strangiato - from the 1978 album, Hemispheres.  This epic of music wonderment comprises of I: "Buenas Noches, Mein Froinds!" II: "To sleep, perchance to dream..." III: "Strangiato theme" IV: "A Lerxst in Wonderland" V: "Monsters!" VI: "The Ghost of the Aragon" VII: "Danforth and Pape" VIII: "The Waltz of the Shreves" IX: "Never turn your back on a Monster!" X: "Monsters! (Reprise)" XI: "Strangiato theme (Reprise)" XII: "A Farewell to Things". 

This concert is, in many fans opinions one of their very best and has been referred to as a rock opera, we at IHM think its way more than that, Timeless Wavelength is an electronic symphony. 

Don’t miss out of this exceptional live album.  Limited number available.


Side 1


By Tor And The Snow Dog


Side 2


The Spirit Of The Radio


Side 3

Natural Science

Between Beneath And Behind

Working Man

Finding My Way / Anthem

Bastille Day


Side 3

In The Mood / Drum Solo

La Villa Strangiato