HUGH CORNWELL New Songs For King Kong

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Recorded live in concert on the successful Hooverdam World Tour, which played across the UK and Europe and twice across North America. The set consisted of two halves Hooverdam in it's entirety, followed by Stranglers' 1977 debut album Rattus Norvegicus in it's entirety. Two classic albums in one night, and now, two classic albums in one live album.

This album was initially available only from Hugh Cornwell's website, making this it's first mainstream commercial release.


Track Listing


A1 Wrong Side Of The Tracks
A2 Going To The City
A3 Delightful Nightmare
A4 Within You Or Without You
A5 Rain On The River
A6 Beat Of My Heart
A7 Philip K. Ridiculous
A8 The Pleasure Of Your Company
A9 Slow Boat To Trowbridge
A10 Banging On The Same Old Beat
Rattus Norvegicus IV:
B1 Sometimes
B2 Goodbye Toulouse
B3 London Lady
B4 Princess Of The Streets
B5 Hanging Around
B6 Peaches
B7 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
B8 Ugly
B9 Down In The Sewer

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