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Invisible Hands Music

THE ARIES PROJECT - English Ghosts

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The Aries Project is an off-again on-again electronic ensemble that made this album in 1996. It features musical contributions by keyboard player and producer Charles Kennedy, bass player Nigel Ross-Scott of 80s synth pop group Re-Flex (remembered for their 1984 hit The Politics Of Dancing and for opening for the Police on the Syncronicity tour, then the highest grossing tour of all time), Charlie Grima from 70s glam rockers Wizzard on vocals and percussion, and guitarist Mike Christer. Live shows at the time of the release included festivals and a night at the Purcell Room at the South Bank Centre in London.


The vinyl was pressed up as a limited edition and has sold through the internet and at Independent Label Market events, and is now being made available to retail as part of Invisible Hands Music’s new budget vinyl range, with a dealer price of £4.50 and a recommended retail price under a tenner.


The Aries Project are working on new material and there will be a follow up to English Ghosts later in 2018.


Artist:                 The Aries Project

Title:                   English Ghosts

Label:                 Invisible Hands Music

Genre:                 Rock / Pop

For fans of:         Electronic, ambient, synth

Format:               Vinyl LP

Cat No:               IH6

Barcode:              503055910061X

Release date:      August 17, 2018