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Invisible Hands Music

2 VINYL ALBUMS for ONLY £15.00

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Tangerine Dream and Thorsten Quaeschning

A copy of the double and single vinyl albums
for just £15.00


This double vinyl compilation was put together by his widow, Bianca Froese-Acquaye, and features the music from the band’s later work that meant the most to her.

Special Limited Edition      

Coloured Tangerine Vinyl   

Single Pressing

5000 Numbered Copies       

Double Gatefold Sleeve       

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‘Cargo’ is a taut thriller written and directed by James Dylan, which stars actor Ron Thompson. The single vinyl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the film ‘Cargo’, is by Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream and plays an integral role in the unfolding story plus the atmospherics of the piece.