Invisible Hands Music


The album is a tragic, comic, and brutally honest account of Mishka’s descent into alcoholism.

Mishka Shubaly is a veteran singer/ songwriter who tours all over the USA and has shared the stage with The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Decemberists. He is often compared to Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen. His Kindle Singles for Amazon have all been bestsellers, writing true stories about drink, drugs, disasters and desire.

“Forever a favorite.  sublime”

-- Jonny Depp --

Track Listing

  1. Pickup Lines
  2. New Jersey Valentine Day's Orphan Blues
  3. Your Stupid Dreams
  4. Frankenstein Heart
  5. Taxes and Jail
  6. Fuck Self-Control
  7. Ohio
  8. I Can't Remember When You Were Mine
  9. Depravity's Rainbow
  10. Alcoholison
  11. Eating Alone
  12. Your Plus One At My Funeral

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