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Invisible Hands Music


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Hoover Dam

The first ever Anthology of his post-Stranglers career.  Since leaving The Stranglers in 1990, Hugh Cornwell has made a series ofwell-received solo albums.  25 years on from leaving the band, this album brings together 12 (super-high-quality remastered at Abbey Road) choice Cornwell classics

Taken from the first 6 solo albums, plus one brand new studio recording, “Live It And Breathe It” (CD & Digital only)


Track Listing

Leave Me Alone 
Beat of My Heart 
Hot Cat on a Tin Roof 
Break of Dawn 
Under Her Spell 
First Bus to Babylon 
Please Don't Put Me on a Slow Boat to Trowbridge 
Lay Back On Me Pal 
One Burning Desire 
Long Dead Train 
Get Involved
Live It and Breath It