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ANIMOTION Raise Your Expectations

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Raise Your Expectations

“Raise Your Expectations” is the first studio album from Animotion in 26 years, to be released by Invisible Hands Music, on LP and CD. Newly reformed, with the line-up including both original front people Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane,

Animotion are back with an incredible set of original new music – and a new version of one of their signature hits, “Let Him Go”.  

“Raise Your Expectations” is an effortless adult contemporary confection that will be sure to find new fans, as well as please those already onboard.

Release date: 2nd December (ROW), 20th January (U.S)


Track Listing

1. Last Time 3:25

2. Not Your Lover 4:13

3. They Can’t Touch You 3:51

4. Bad Review 4:01

5. Everything 5:01

6. Raise Your Expectations 3:40

7. Love You Better 4:07

8. Trust Me 4:08

9. You Love It 3:27

10. Surrender 4:02

11. Let Him Go 2016 5:11