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Baptism Of Fire is a book that tells the story of the time I spent working in the recording industry, in studios both in the Surrey countryside and in the heart of London, along with Paris and Basel in Europe. I also worked in studios in New York; St Louis and Los Angeles in the USA; Montserrat and Barbados in the West Indies; and Sydney, Australia. The book covers in detail recording with Roxy Music (Jealous Guy and Avalon), as well as the main focus on Duran Duran’s Is There Something I Should Know? single and Seven And The Ragged Tiger album. 

Each studio I worked in was unique; even in the same city each facility had its own identity. The musicians I worked with were all distinctly individual, and like all creative people each had their preferred ways of working and establishing a relationship with me, as an Engineer or Producer. I learnt from everyone I ever worked with. I also learnt I was able to establish rapport and empathy, and in a positive way manipulate artists to stretch themselves to give great performances.  

For the majority of you, the time I spent working and living with Duran Duran is of most interest. I reveal what they were like both as individuals and collectively as a band. I spent time alone with Simon in Sri Lanka first of all and then during the creation of Is There Something I Should Know? I became close to the other four members as well. In the book I don’t just recount stories of moving from one enclave to another, but also share my understanding of each of these remarkable five people. I became familiar with their personal qualities and interests, and at various times became really close to each of them as individuals. 

As music lovers you will also find plenty of insights into the various ways bands and musicians go about writing songs and recording them. As a Producer I’ve been in the privileged position of seeing inspiration strike these creative spirits; and I was present to act as a facilitator, to record and curate their ideas.


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